The most advanced sleep diagnostic software in the world. Easy to use and packed full of features like patient scheduler, lab management, SQL database, automated sleep analysis, and much more!


The compact and powerful Nomad Portable Recorder is a Type III sleep diagnostic device. Color-coded inputs, long battery life, 12 channels, and small design make the Nomad a fantastic option.


The Sphinx sleep amplifier has a compact design with integrated pressure transducer and pulse oximeter. A simple USB interface provides flexibility and portability.


The Echo can output previously recorded patient files which is useful for demonstrations, training, and troubleshooting. The Echo can also output square waves or sine waves with varying frequency and amplitudes to assist in calibration of devices.

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1Neurotronics has become adept at medical device product development. We have created the most robust sleep diagnostic system in the world. As we move into the future, we will continue to lead the way in sleep diagnostics and we will look for new areas to expand our expertise.

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2We have always felt that customer support is extremely important to our success. A customer should feel that the person they contact genuinely cares about their problem while helping them find a solution. Neurotronics maintains a customer support scorecard to ensure we continue to deliver superior results for our customers.

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