Polysmith – Sleep Diagnostic Software

  • Polysmith – Acquisition and Analysis
    Sophisticated and easy-to-use software for data acquisition and analysis of sleep. Automated analysis of sleep stages, respiratory events, desaturations, and much more.
  • Polysmith DMS – Patient Scheduler and Database
    Patient database with over 5,000 parameters stored for each patient. Lab and resource management features included. HL7 integration with many different systems.
  • Surveysmith – Report Viewer
    The Surveysmith Report Viewer does much more than just viewing reports. Hyperlinks back to studies, inline dictation fields, and digital signing are just a few of the many great features. Advanced report customization options to meet all your needs.
  • Polysmith PQ – Patient Questionnaire
    Get rid of paper surveys and enjoy an integrated system for gathering information from your patients. Polysmith PQ is a web-based solution that allows patients to enter information from a web browser on a tablet, laptop, or computer kiosk. Polysmith PQ is integrated with Polysmith DMS to store the questionnaire results.

Sphinx PMU710 – Sleep Amplifier

  • Integrated
    The Sphinx is our newest sleep amplifier. The all-in-one device includes a built-in intercom.
  • Flexible
    A simple network interface provides flexibility.
  • Expandable
    Nihon Kohden SpO2 technology and full AASM channel set.

Nomad – Portable Sleep Recorder

  • Type III
    The Nomad can record up to 12 sleep parameters giving you great flexibility.
  • Color Coded
    Convenient color coded inputs enhances the usability of the Nomad.
  • Battery Life
    Record for at least 24 hours with standard AA alkaline batteries.

Sphinx PMU700 – Sleep Amplifier

  • Integrated
    The Sphinx is a compact design with an integrated pressure transducer and pulse oximeter.
  • Flexible
    A simple USB interface provides flexibility. Use the Sphinx in a dedicated sleep environment or make it portable with a laptop.
  • Expandable
    The Sphinx has 34 channels which can be expanded with an additional 8 DC channels bringing the total channels to 42.

Echo – Virtual Patient

  • Simulate
    Simulate patient signals. The Echo can output previously recorded patient files which is useful for demonstrations, training, and troubleshooting.
  • Calibrate
    The Echo can output square waves or sine waves with varying frequency and amplitudes to assist in calibration of devices.
  • Compatibility
    The Echo can be used with any EEG or PSG amplifier. The connectors are 1.5mm touchproof safety plugs which are standard on most amplifiers.

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